Thomas Family

Thomas Family

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Like a long time. We’ve just been so busy the last couple of months, moving, kids starting school, work, but I’m back in my groove and hopefully this shoot makes up for it! Get ready for the cutest family shoot ever…

Meet the Thomas Family!

First of all, you know I’m partial because they have 5 year old twins, Parker and Paxton. AND Paxton is a red head! Remind you of any other 5 year old twins you know?

Then there’s Olivia and Robin (Rosa). These two are just gorgeous, aren’t they?

Robin’s name really isn’t Rosa but I could not stop calling her that, so Rosa it was for the night.

❤️ I could not love this photo of Emily and Rob more ❤️

Had so much fun on Saturday, Thomas Fam!

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